Parent Testimonial: My son refuses to put this book down. THANK YOU!!

Potty Training Little Ones Wins National Parenting Seal of Approval 2012

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 Galloping Minds Presents Potty Training Little Ones (Hard Cover Book)

Potty Training Little Ones is geared towards making potty time fun for your child.
The book walks through each step of potty training. From the time the child is introduced
to the potty to the time he or she is ready to go and make it part of their routine.
This fun and colorful book also motivates kids by providing coloring pages for each activity
- choosing a potty, going for the first time and washing hands.
Customer Review: "The thing that sets this potty training book apart from all the
others is the interactive part of the book - the coloring pages, the potty
- all help in making potty training a fun activity for kids."

Additionally the tips for care-givers about when to start training a child
to use a potty seat and how to tell if the child is ready to be
potty-trained are extremely useful.

Parents and kids can read 'Potty Training Little Ones' together and enjoy a young child's triumphs while learning to potty train.

The book is robust, with thick pages to withstand wear and tear by little hands.