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My 5 year old son who just won't follow instructions?

We went for his parent-teacher conference yesterday and was so eager to hear praises from his teacher, as from how we see it, he is a very well-mannered and intelligent. He is performing well in other areas, except for heading instructions. According to his teacher, he knows very well what he is doing is wrong ie: not to shout in class, not to talk during snack time and put up his hands when answering questions..but yet he is doing it. I see it as a very minor problem, i mean, afterall he is just 5, he is full of energy and an enthusiastic boy. But that seems to be a 'problem' with his teacher and according to her, all other teachers had the same problem with him with regards to following instructions. And he's been put on the 'thinking chair' "most of the time" said the teacher. Should I be worried abt this? what should I do? I spoke to him last night, he told me all about it, and it seems, the thinking chair is just a chair to him, he doesn't truly understand the concept of it. Thanks..


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You know teachers are so stressed for time that even a slightly unruly child can upset their schedule. Your son seems to be a good kid - just dont make a big deal out of it at home. Over a period of time, your child will grow out of this habit. But if you make a big deal, he may develop a complex.

My son never paid attention in class - the teachers kept complaining about it. We just did not bother about it - just played games at home to help his concentration. Now he's just fine.

The deal is to explain to your child, what the correct behavior is - and reinforce it by playing games with him which teach him. Over a period of time he'll get over these problems and blend in with the other kids.



Big noses. opinions???

im a teenage girl and i have a big nose. everything else about me doesnt seem to be an issue but i have always been so self conscious about my nose. are they considered ugly?


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1. When you are a teenager - you tend to be more critical about yourself.

2.I had a friend who had perfectly good nose - she always thought her nose was too big.

3. Give your self a break from berating about your looks or feeling bad about them.

4. As long as you are healthy and happy and everything else is going well - those should be your priorities.

5. Even top actresses have their photos air brushed and worked on.

6. Imagine a person without a hand or leg -would an ugly look bother them

7. Learn to count your blessings, your family

8. Learn to be confident, happy about your looks.

9. At the end of the day a big nose is the last thing that'll matter - education, relationship with your family and love ones, health are all that you will cherish more than a slighly big nose.



My daughter is turning 3 next month and still does not go pee pee on the potty?

she tells me when she has to go poo poo in advance and uses the potty with no problem. but i can't seem to get her to go pee pee on the potty. if she does tell me that she has to go it's after she already went. but usually its like a guessing game and i never seem to put her on the potty when she has to go. I give her stickers rewards when she is on the potty. she puts them on her potty chart. i also read her books and let her color when she is on the potty so she does do fun things on the potty. it seems that is not the issue though as she does like using the potty. she likes yelling that she is a big girl and sings her little song "i went poo poo on the potty". also i'm going to take away her huggies training pants as i can't afford to rent a rug doctor every time she goes pee pee on the carpet. Any other suggestions? thanks everyone.

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sorry i ment to say i'm not going to take away her huggies training pants


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Sometimes kids are just not ready - don't force her. One day on her own - she'll just tell you she needs to go pee. That's what happened with my son. I gave him lots of toys, seated him on the potty - but he would not go- and then one day, he just came and told me he needed to go. He was 3.5 yrs then.


I miss my mom very much..I keep crying for her..what should I do?

Ok well just a few minutes ago I was thinking about my mom..I can hear her voice saying "I Love you Too" In my head, and it just makes me cry. I miss her so much. I even dreamed about her, and in my dream..she was there, and I was crying.and I actually woke up crying. Is she trying to tell me something??? I miss her so BAD


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Talk to your mom through a photograph - sometimes these kind of conversations also help. Write a letter to her - talk to her. Life is tough - sometimes unfair. I light a lamp in front of my dad's photograph - and talk to him, when I need someone



My baby has already tartar on his teeth.?

my baby is 16mos. old and he has 14 teeth.. his two front teeth has tartar.. i gave him a toothbrush but he just chew it. i know that it can't help to gone away his tartar.. will i force him to clean his teeth?

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Brush his teeth for him - morning and before going to bed.

1) Also ensure he does not sleep with his milk or juice bottle in his mouth.
2. Limit juice, candy intake.
3. Take him for a visit to the dentist
4. Let him also try to brush his teeth - since he does have to learn - but supplement it with your brushing
5. Pediatricians provide flouride supplements for kids in some areas where the drinking water does not have it - check with your son's doc if he needs these.



I gave my 8 month old baby hot cheeto puffz is that o.k?

I gave my 8 month old baby sis 1 of my hot cheeto puffz she didn't cry but she wuz suprisingly normal is it o.k to give her hot puffz if not what age should I p.s my mom supervised me give it 2 her she told me 2 and she wusnt madd

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The baby can walk and eat regular cheeto puffz they might make her dookie burn but that izz it and she's kool now but still wutz urr opinion

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Probably not such a good idea. However, no harm has come out of it - so its ok. My kids loved hot cheetoz when they were 5. They would not touch spice food - but loved the cheetoz stuff.

I definitely would not recommend introducing your child to junk food when they're young. As they grow older and and start school - they will start yearning for junk food, since their friends will surely get the stuff.. Give them as many veggies and fruits while they're young - so that they build good food habits. As they grow older - it becomes very difficult to cultivate good eating habits, especially these days. So go with the veggies and fruits as long as you can.


I'm a mummy of four adorable baby girls (quadruplets). But I haven't got any sleep!?

See, they sleep in the same room as us (not bed). Emma will start crying, and wake up Cassie, Lillian, and Kaitlin. So my husband and I will get up, my husband will sooth Lillian and Kaitlin, while I feed Emma and hold Cassie in the other arm, then an hour later we're asleep, then Lillian will wake up and start crying. Kaitlin, Cassie, and Emma will wake up. So I'll take Lillian in one arm, feed her with Kaitlin in the other, and my husband will rock Cassie and Emma. An hour later we're back asleep. Then Cassie will start crying. We go through the whole thing again. Then we're back asleep, hoping not to be woken up again. But then guess who wakes up? They're gorgeous, and I'm loving being a mum, don't get me wrong, but i'd be surprised if I even got half an hour's sleep last night!

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I assure you they're real babies! I just love their names... for a few days it was just baby 1, 2, 3, and 4, because we couldn't decide!

1 year ago

Well they were 2 months premature, they were at their due date about a week ago. So I guess you could say they're two months and a week old, but they're not really at that developmental stage.

1 year ago

Yeah. It probably would be better to do it all at once, it's just that I'm so desperate to get back to sleep, and it seems like it takes forever to feed four babies...

1 year ago


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You need help and sleep! Get your family/parents/in-laws to help. You have not mentioned how old the babies are. Soothing music - bouncy chairs - to help the babies sleep. -Only one person help the babies for a few hours- if you both wake up - neither of you will be rested

You cannot carry on like this - you will be worn out in a few months!!
If the babies are older - try to have them use a pacifier - it can be a huge source of comfort. Make sure you pull the pacifier away after they start sleeping through the night - so that it doesn't become a habit.



Worried about development of 10 mt old.?

My son is a sweet boy who does MANY things, but I worry about a few things... Before I go into my worries, let me tell you what he CAN do... he makes amazing eye contact, he laughs, he engages us, he does peekaboo, he crawls (just started at 9.5 mts), he pulls up on EVERYTHING, he loves to be held (but squirms like any other baby too), he plays appropriately with toys, he seeks out the cat, he babbles (nom nom! momma!) he listens well when we call/redirect him...
Now, he does do a few things that concern me, and I've already called ECI to get an in-home assessment. I know our taxes pay for it anywho, and I do have (I think) valid concerns.
He makes a straining face sometimes when he's either overstimulated or being impatient waiting for something. It's sort of a scary face- sometimes he strains so hard he ends it coughing. He arm-flaps a lot... when he is excited. We prompt him to clap, but he never shows an interest. He has gotten to be a SUPER picky eater. Sensory things big him - like cake icing (yes, I did a trial-run cake for his 1st bday. It was a FLOP!).. he won't crawl on a blanket over grass.. He has certain pages out of certain books that he REALLY reacts to. Always the same page - he smiles so big and folds inward it's so exciting to him.
Now, I know each baby is so different, and I really shouldn't flip out over this. But, I wanted some feedback... Thanks.

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Don't push your baby - all babies react to different stimuli in different ways. By stressing too much you'll ruin your health and then your child will actually develop problems if you push him too much.

What you can do is take him to a doctor to be analyzed - sometimes the child can be diagnosed with ADD or autism. But I want to tell you that doctors just love to prescribe medicines to kids for ADD, even though kids may not actually have ADD. Sometimes kids are just late developers.

When my son was in kindergarten the other kids seemed to be doing better than him. He seemed to have all kinds of behavior problems. Someone even recommended that he be put on medication.

But lots of interaction and a lot of effort and love later my son has just turned out great and does great in school.

Babies need love, attention, interaction, stimulation - visual and otherwise. Don't fret too much - it'll just have a negative effect on you and your family.

If you are truly worried and you find his behavior VERY strange - mention it to your doctor and see what he/she has to say.


I am getting really annoyed and angry at my 2 year old and shouting and snapping at him?

i have 10 day old baby which i am fine with but it is just my toddler. he is not really naughty and i feel guilty after. could this be post natal depression? i am fine with the baby?

Additional Details

i am also a single mother. he goes to his dads every other weekend

2 years ago

ont get me wring he isnt naughty he is just being a 2 year old.. in fact he is the best behaved 2 year old i know but is it just me?


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Definitely sounds like post natal depression!

Get plenty of rest. Be nice to your son. Get your husband to pitch in in taking care of your toddler.

Count to ten before reacting to your son. Remember its also a change for your son - he is not the center of your attention any more, he's sharing his mom and dad with a new born.

Its always tough after you have a baby, since you don;t have much time for your toddler. But with time it gets better.

Your son will start accepting his younger sibling and probably start helping you too.

With 2 small kids - it is a challenge. Take 1 day at a time. Try and meditate to help you calm down. Read books that help you cope while feeding your baby.