Math Kit : Created by Computer Engineers




Our Math kit is suitable for children from 2-6 years of age.


Counting Work Sheets ( From 1-20 for preschoolers & from 1-100 for older kids).
Counting Work Sheets using Pictures.
Practice Sums Level 1 & Level 2 ( Both Addition & Subtraction)
Addition Exercises using Pictures.
Subtraction using Pictures.
Number Writing Exercises (All the way upto 100).
Practice telling the time. Months in a year, Days in a Week, Reading a clock.
Even & Odd Numbers.
More or Less.
Arrange by Size:long, wide, small, big etc.
Shapes and Colors
Counting Forward and Backward
Fun with 'Join the Dots'
Money problems
All pages are in color - to help kids grasp concepts better.


If you are part of a school system/teacher, we provide volume discounts. Please use our online form .