Preschooler Learns Spanish  - Aprendamos español wins Dr. Toy's Pick of the Year

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Galloping Minds - Preschooler Learns Spanish
- is a fun-filled bilingual dvd appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers to help them grasp the Spanish Language.
Spanish and English words, both written and spoken for each engaging video clip and an accompanying spanish phrase allow your preschooler to pick words with ease. The entertaining clips and enjoyable music will keep your child's interest while teaching them common spanish words and phrases. The DVD covers the fundamentals including colors, numbers and words using beautiful images and classical music. A must watch DVD for your early Spanish learner.

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Five year old loving this preschooler Spanish. Started lessons half way through term after learning from GM DVD. Fitted straight in with no bother. He's really enjoying it. Has it on in the car."

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