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We, at Galloping Minds, would like to use our resources for increasing awareness
about Cancer. A member of the Galloping Minds Family was affected by Leukemia.
We would like to use our medium to assist other cancer patients in their fight against cancer.
Some important resources and cancer links are listed below:
Association of Cancer Online Resources- A comprehensive resource for all kinds of Cancers. Possibly the best and most comprehensive.
National Cancer Institute - has information about the latest Clinical Trials
National Bone Marrow Donor Program: Give the gift of life by registering with the Bone Marrow Registry, call them at (800)-593-6667 or email them at
Real Stories, Real People- They need your help NOW!!

Paul Alexander Lerro

Greg Hachey

Karandeep Singh

Deena Bhavindu

Paul, a wonderful 2-year old from Visalia, CA was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia early this year. Since then, he underwent chemotherapy at Stanford and achieved remission. This "little senator", as his family affectionately calls him, charms everyone he meets. He loves to push his little red car and watch his videos. Although Paul Alexander has achieved remission, he is still on an intense search to find a potential Marrow/Blood Stem Cell donor. He has not found one as of yet in the world registries of potential donors. It is particularly difficult for him because he is of half-Filipino and half-Caucasian descent, meaning he is more than likely to find a donor from another multiracial person.

Greg is 11 years old and living in Washington. In May of 2000, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Like many cancer patients, he immediately underwent chemotherapy and achieved remission for a few years. Unfortunately, his Leukemia has relapsed and he is now on a search to find a compatible donor. In particular, Greg is looking for a half-Caucasian and half-Asian person, who is most likely to match his tissue type for a Stem Cell transplant.

"You and your friends can make the difference between life and death for me, as well as for others, present and future, who suffer from this cancer. It takes just fifteen minutes of your time, a simple blood test will determine, if you are (a) match. Please help save my life by registering with your local bone marrow donor program." Greg Hachey, ALL patient. 11 years old.

Karandeep is 15 years old from Yuba City in California, near Sacramento. He is currently undergoing treatment in San Francisco for his Leukemia. He has ALL, a potentially fatal form of Leukemia and needs to find a matching donor. His brother is not a good enough match so he has turned to the public to find someone to help him. Karandeep has a little brother who he likes to take care of and be there for. Like any teenager, he loves to play video games as well. His family is of South Asian descent and like other Asian patients, he is more than likely to find a match from others who are also Indian. He continues to fight his cancer at this very moment and we hope to continue his search for him and help him find that donor.

Deena is a beautiful 7-year old with a rare bone disease called Thrombocytopenia. It affects her blood platelets and blood clotting ability, meaning her wounds cannot heal properly. She needs a Marrow/Stem Cell donor to survive. Deena was adopted from Thailand where her grandparents passed away from the recent Tsunami in Southeast Asia. Her parents have a Thai restaurant in rural Alturas and are struggling to find a donor for Deena. In spite of her disease, Deena still manages to find a way to keep herself a happy little girl. Her courage inspires us all as we try to help her find a second chance at life.

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